I Can Advisory

I Can offers Financial Management Advisory and Financial Academic Services for the companies in business world and in the target of growth with his unique, dynamic and proactive attitudes by I Can Advisory © brandname. Combining the practices and academic education together, and achieving to have legal licenses consist of the values of İbrahim Can’s intellectual capital and brand “I Can Advisory”.

The Financial Management Advisory is taken as an unnecessary costage and ignored by misinterpretation of its benefits. Almost 85% of new companies ignored the importance of financial management may lead to a bankruptcy within 3 years. İbrahim Can is always on the side of your own company’s investments, and transforms your company for a sustainable, growing company with his Financial Management Advisory.

I Can Academy

I Can assists the university students, newly graduated students, and senior specialists among licensing exams, career, and thesis advisory in the field of Financial Education Services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

I Can creates the intellectual capital investment by training the institutionalized and institutionalizing companies’ employees in the field of finance, management and financial law, but not limited with all that, he targets to make a difference and shares the values in the society with his projects and cooperations of NGOs in the field of culture, art and sport.

(İbrahim Can established the Company with his own brands I Can Advisory and I Can Academy which creates solutions combining experience of business and theories and approaches of academic world in the field of Finance, Management and Financial Law. His intellectual capital contains a young, dynamic and proactive perspective, and shares his knowledge, experience and success gained through his academic, professional works as well as various legal licenses obtained with outstanding results.

İbrahim Can is known for his record of success, enormous believe in person’s potential, passion for leadership, winning anddesire to change the world for better using his unique business models and management tools.)