İbrahim CAN

İbrahim CAN

I Can Advisory - I Can Academy
İbrahim CAN

Founder | Financial Management & Law Advisor | Academician
(CPA, CIA | Independent Auditor | Expert Witness | Trustee)

Ibrahim Can is known as ‘’I Can’’ person because someone’s aching ‘’I can’t’’ problem is just a logic puzzle for him which he turns into new creative business opportunities due to his unique business solution models. Within his I Can © brand name, Advisory offers consultancy and Academy offers education services that generate additional value due to authentic solutions in Finance, Management and Financial Law for individual and corporate cases.

I Can combines business world experiences and academic world theories, supported by all necessary legal licenses and authorities of these worlds. His approaches are unique, dynamic and proactive, which without exaggeration makes him one of the most successful and attractive figure of the area.

Very often companies don’t pay proper attention to Financial Management Advisory, which in turn leads to statistics that 85% newly opened companies get bankrupted within first 3 years. This fact shouldn’t be left without attention. There is a specific approach to business in every organization, city, region and especially country. Estimating these all Ibrahim Can is ready to create, enrich and optimize required business approaches and processes. I Can is always on client’s side with legal advantages, bringing value, new insights and trustful answers for any challenge. Moreover, Ibrahim Can is able to create unexpected opportunities from limited data, finding ideas and insight that other professionals would miss thanks to his worldwide business network. It is important to understand that when a professional’s advice is made it is his judgment, reputation and experience what matters. Ibrahim Can within his I Can brand is exclusive and trustful professional that posses all the abovementioned characteristics.

Corporate and institutional companies can benefit from his intellectual capital in areas of Finance, Management and Financial Law.

At the same time Ibrahim Can is excited to share his knowledge and brilliant experience, supported by enormous international certificates with university students, newly graduated students and senior specialists within Financial, Management and Financial Law Education Services. He is famous for being proactive motivation speaker, arranging workshops for major universities, discussing career opportunities in finance, academic and legal licenses.


His academic career is based on Sustainable Development and Quality Management MBA, Business Administration at Marmara University, Accounting and Finance at Istanbul University and Trade Vocational High school even though it’s continously moving on PhD. Apart of his formal education in universities he never stops teaching himself and gained many legal licenses and authorities in particular areas.

Business Experience;

During his professional career Ibrahim Can assisted and advised the board of directors and top managers of Yıldız Holding A.Ş., Ülker Group (Makina Takım, the first company issued at Istanbul Stock Exchange). As one of the board member he contributed to the corporate’s success as a director of Early Detection of Risk, Corporate Governance and the Audit Committees. He became a master of all the legal and company practices as a director of the investor relations, internal audit and project management departments in the Group Companies.

He successfully conducted the responsibilities and initiatives of international financial management in a leading within its sector automotive industry company, Bosal International Group. He shared his business experiences that he gained in Europe during his professional business life in Turkey.

Seeking for constant personal and professional improvement, he accepted proposal of world famous brand within luxury and fashion industry to support their business development.  For 2 years he worked in EU with, Mr. Gianni Versace, and Mr. Catalin Botezatu where he established joint venture company with EU standards and managed it with all kind of responsibilities in management and finance. He foresaw the upcoming treats of 2008 financial crisis and was able to transform treats into opportunities thanks to his proactive approaches.

All the experience gained since trade high school and university years invested and gives fruitful results with brand of I Can Advisory – literally a unique combination of business solutions.


Ibrahim Can believes in the necessity of being many-dimension personality of not only one title. Besides his successful business career as a Financial Management Advisor and Academician, Ibrahim Can won awards as a professional athlete in Triathlon and Rowing sports, and he is an instructor of Latin Dances and Performance Arts with his international licenses. He believes that only collaborative development of mind, body and soul brings a person to the top of his targets. This is why during whole life he is investing in business, academic, sports, art, culture, social areas, which makes him a multidisciplinary intellectual.

Legal Licenses and Authorities;

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Independent Auditor in Capital Markets / Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Authority
  • Capital Markets Activities Level 3 / Capital Markets Boards of Turkey
  • Corporate Governance Rating / Capital Markets Boards of Turkey
  • Electronic General Assembly System / Capital Markets Boards of Turkey
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) / IIA, The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Trustee, Expert Witness and Translator (English – Turkish) / Ministry of Justice
  • Legal Arbitrator / ISTAC, Istanbul Arbitration Center,
  • EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Internal Auditor / TSI, The Turkish Standards Institute
  • Professional Coach / ICF, International Coaching Federation