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İbrahim Can established the Company in 2015 with his own brands I Can Advisory and I Can Academy which creates solutions combining experience of business and theories and approaches of academic world in the field of Finance, Management and Law. His intellectual capital contains a young, dynamic and proactive perspective, and shares his knowledge, experience and success gained through his academic, professional works as well as various legal licenses obtained with outstanding results. 

İbrahim Can is known for his record of success, enormous believe in person’s potential, passion for leadership, winning and desire to change the world for better using his unique business models and management tools. 

 First-class business in a first-class way; 

fınancıal Consultancy


  1. Accounting,
  2. Cost Management,
  3. Audit,
  4. Entrepreneurship,
  5. Company Valuation,
  6. Project Finance,
  7. Corporate Finance,
  8. Due Dilligence,
  9. Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
  10. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  11. Financial Sustainability.

Management Consultancy


  1. Independent Board Member,
  2. Advisor to the Board of Directors,
  3. Corporate Governance,
  4. Investor Relations,
  5. Sustainability,
  6. Quality management,
  7. Career Management,
  8. Digital marketing,
  9. Family Companies.

Law Consultancy


  1. Tax Litigation and Law Consultancy,
  2. Bankruptcy Litigation Consultcny,
  3. Arbitration,
  4. Expert Court Witness,
  5. Financial Law Consultancy.

ındıvıdual educatıon


  • Career Counseling,
  • Academic Counseling,
  • English Language Teaching,
  • Financial Markets Licensing Exams,
  • Individual Coaching,
  • Wellness Coaching,
  • Expert Witness Trainings,
  • Little Genius Program (Gifted Kids)

corporate EDUCATION


  • Finance Trainings,
  • Management Trainings,
  • Legal Trainings,
  • English Language Teaching,
  • Executive Coaching

Founder's Biography | İbrahim Can

İbrahim Can
Finansal Yönetim ve Hukuk Danışmanı, Akademisyen, Bilirkişi, Mali Müşavir


Since 2015, İbrahim Can has been successfully providing consultancy and training services on finance, management and law which are the main fields of activity under the brands I Can Advisory and I Can Academy.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice, registered in the Istanbul Regional Board of Court Expertise, provides legal expertise with various scientific, professional expertise and licenses in the relevant judicial processes and provides expert witness, concordat commissariat, trusteeship and judicial interpreting (English).

With these requirements in conjunction with leading universities in various business associations and civil society organizations in Turkey and international scale engages.

Busıness Experıence:

During his professional career Ibrahim Can assisted and advised the board of directors and top managers of Yıldız Holding A.Ş., Ulker Group (Makina Takım, the first company issued at Istanbul Stock Exchange). As one of the board member he contributed to the corporate’s success as a director of Early Detection of Risk, Corporate Governance and the Audit Committees. He became a master of all the legal and company practices as a director of the investor relations, internal audit and project management departments in the Group Companies.

He successfully conducted the responsibilities and initiatives of international financial management in a leading within its sector automotive industry company, Bosal International Group. He shared his business experiences that he gained in Europe during his professional business life in Turkey.

Seeking for constant personal and professional improvement, he accepted proposal of world famous brand within luxury and fashion industry to support their business development. For 2 years he worked in EU with, Mr. Gianni Versace, and Mr. Catalin Botezatu where he established joint venture company with EU standards and managed it with all kind of responsibilities in management and finance. He foresaw the upcoming treats of 2008 financial crisis and was able to transform treats into opportunities thanks to his proactive approaches. 

All the experience gained since trade high school and university years invested and gives fruitful results with brands of I Can Advisory – I Can Academy literally a unique combination of business solutions. 


Apart of his formal education in universities he never stops teaching himself and gained many legal licenses and authorities in particular areas. His academic career still goes on progress of doctoral program in Management and Organization Ph.D. at Marmara University. He is also holder such degrees of MBA in Sustainable Development and Quality Management, Business Administration in the fields of finance and accounting at Marmara University. Accounting and Tax at Istanbul University. Trade Vocational High school. 

He has ranked 89th place in the university entrance exam in Turkey.


Culture, art, sports and social responsibility activities in the social dimension of his career played an important role and supported the achievements extending to the academic and professional dimensions of his career. He won several competitions like triathlon, rowing and extreme sports within his sportive licenses such as professional latin dances instructor from U.S. and Turkey.


  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  2. Independent Auditor in Capital Markets / Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Authority
  3. Capital Markets Activities Advenced Level 3 / Capital Markets Boards of Turkey
  4. Corporate Governance Rating / Capital Markets Boards of Turkey
  5. Electronic General Assembly System / Capital Markets Boards of Turkey
  6. Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) / IIA, The Institute of Internal Auditors
  7. Trustee, Court Expert and Translator (English – Turkish) / Ministry of Justice
  8. Legal Arbitrator / ISTAC, Istanbul Arbitration Center, 
  9. EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Internal Auditor / TSI, The Turkish Standards Institute
  10. Professional Coach / ICF, International Coaching Federation

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